AnimeJapan 2018 出展をご検討されている企業・団体様へ

AnimeJapan 2018 およびファミリーアニメフェスタ2018に


AnimeJapan 2018   Registration Form for Exhibition
Dear prospective exhibitors,
For those who are considering running an exhibition in AnimeJapan 2018 and Family Anime Festa 2018, you must sign in for the registration form below.
Once you register and passed our evaluation, exhibition desk for AnimeJapan Administrative Office will contact you at a later time.
Qualification for Exhibition:A corporation/organization or an individual that would lead in developing animation culture in general as well as Japanese industry.
*This registration form is NOT an application for exhibition. You are required to sign up from a different form.
*The last day to apply for the exhibition is Friday, November 17 (Until 11:59pm).
You may not have enough time to complete if you start with the registration in the last minute. We strongly recommend you to have the registration finished prior to applying for the exhibition.
Please keep in mind that the application will be closed as soon as the exhibition stands are fully taken.
*Depending on the result of our evaluation, you may not be allowed to run your exhibition. We appreciate your understanding.
*Students and underage applicants are not allowed to apply.
*Exhibitor Requirement - A person who speaks Japanese must be in charge
*All the guidance, application documents, and information will be in Japanese.

*は必須項目です  Mandatory questions



For overseas companies, please write your business address in the “Content of Exhibition” field.

- -

*Please print the above name again for confirmation

※メインエリア/ファミリーアニメフェスタ:1小間 3m×3m ※出展スペースのみ。
※ビジネスエリア:1ブース 3m×2.5m ※簡易ブース付き。
※Main area / Family Anime Festa   *1 stand = 3m×3m  ※Only exhibition space
※Business area:*1 stand = 3m×2.5m ※With simple exhibition booth
*希望する出展エリア Your expected area of exhibition
※複数選択可  *Multiple answers
*Your related works of animation
*Your related Japanese company/organization
*Kind of products you create
*Free entry column
*If you are running a joint exhibition with multiple companies together, please print all company names as well as the overall number of participants (as many as you can).
AnimeJapan 2018プライバシーポリシーの方針に従って取り扱われます。
*All the information provided will be handled according to theAnimeJapan 2018 policy
*All the documents and information about exhibiting will be sent to you in Japanese.