Reservation form of a cooking lesson

Please input necessary information.
- Reservation is possible till 19:00 two days ago.
- Payment serves as a prepayment system. Please specify the payment method at the time of reservation.
Please choose the method from the three methods of a bank transfer, PAYPAL , and shop front cash.

Now, reservation of the lesson from 12:00 on Fri., August 19 is received.In hope, please offer the other time at any cost.Please enter that in the message column.

message column
mail address
Please input the same mail address twice for the prevention from a mistake.
How to pay
Please choose the payment method of your choice .
The charge of a lesson is a prepayment system.Please complete payment by 19:00 two days [ which are a reservation term ] before a lesson.

After was Dai et al. Had a sign up from this reservation form, if there is no connection with e-mail within three days, sorry to trouble you, but please contact us to the following e-mail address.