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Yakiniku is from Australia
other Beef is from New Zealand
All Chicken is from Brazil

商品名 価格 (税込) 注文数
Beef Chuck Shoulder-Thin sliced cut (1kg)[ 画 像 ] 2,320円 pk
Beef Narbel-Sliced cut for Yakiniku (1kg)[ 画 像 ] 2,350円 pk
Beef Tenderloin Fillet-Steak cut (140g x 2)[ 画 像 ] 2,850円 pk
Chicken Thigh-Ready to cook 20g cut (1kg)[ 画 像 ] 1,240円 pk
Minced Chicken (1kg)[ 画 像 ] 1,240円 pk
Minced Beef (1kg)[ 画 像 ] 2,100円 pk
Beef Chuck Shoulder -Thin slices(1kg)[ 画 像 ] 2,420円 pk
商品合計 (税込)
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