AnimeJapan 当日取材受付


To apply for press admission to AnimeJapan please fill in the following form and submit the necessary information in advance.
AnimeJapan Administration Office will review your request and will contact you in case of any deficiencies or problems.
* Please complete your registration by March 8 23:59(JST) to apply for coverage of AJ Stage/AJ Studio.
Those who have applied before the deadline, will receive a list of the PR representatives of each stage (planned date: March 10.)
Please contact each stage representative directly for permission to cover each stage program.
The applications will not be accepted after the deadline.
* Only those who have made an advance reservation with the exhibitors can enter the area and coverage the exhibition booths.
* After submitting your application, you will receive a registration confirmation email.
 If you do not receive the email, there is a possibility that the registration has not been completed, so please try again.
* Please complete your registration by March 8 23:59(JST) to apply for coverage of AJ Stage/AJ Studio.
* Your application may be refused depending on its contents. In that case you will be contacted by the Administration Office.
* Youtubers and other individuals cannot apply. Please apply for coverage through corporations and offices.
 Those who are working individually are not allowed to enter as press.
 We may take legal actions against videos, articles, and texts uploaded by individuals at a later date, if the contents are judged to cause a disadvantage to AnimeJapan and its exhibitors.
* Those who's applications got accepted will be contacted with more details such as the reception hours on the day, around the middle of March.
*Please bring your business card with you to the reception.

担当者氏名(当日ご来場される方) Name
会社名  Company name
メールアドレス  Email address
連絡先 Phone number
- -
メディア名 Media name
* Name of your program, magazine, website etc.
メディア種別 Media type
掲載および放送予定日 Scheduled date of publication
E.g. 2021.〇〇.〇〇
当日の帯同人数 How many people are coming with you
* Please insert only numbers.
AJステージへの取材  Do you want to cover the AJ Stages ?
※AJステージ(Stages)=無限大(Infinity)RED STAGE/繋(Connect)GREEN STAGE/永久(Everlasting)BLUE STAGE
AJスタジオへの取材  Do you want to cover the AJ studio ?
備考欄 Remarks